NEW Line for Fall 2019!
It’s 1972 when Maurizio and Isabella open one of the very first denim factories in Italy. In Urbania; later known as La valle dei jeans or The valley of jeans, Maurizio’s passion for craftsmanship and beautiful jeans comes to life. Besides producing jeans for well-known brands, Maurizio decides to set up his own label and names it after the love of his life, Isabella Garcia.
A brand is born.
In the late 1970s, a Dutch buyer by the name of Martin Kouwenberg starts buying jeans from Maurizio’s factory. In 1985, however, misfortune strikes Maurizio. Following much hard work and prosperous years, one of his main clients goes bankrupt and he is unable to keep the factory running.
To avoid the loss of his many patterns, Maurizio decides to hand them over to his loyal customer and friend from The Netherlands, who firmly promises to uphold the brand legacy.
Today, this coming together of Italian passion and finesse with a typically Dutch, entrepreneurial design and business approach remains the key to the fashion brand with a denim heart.
Allora, ora e per sempre. Then, now and forever.
Garcia Fall 2019 collection
Garcia Fall 2019 collection
Garcia Fall 2019 collection