Island Fashion

Finding Your Personal Style
With trends coming in and out of style year after year, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of buying a new set of clothes for every season. But with a good base wardrobe, it’s easier to incorporate trend pieces without having to do a complete wardrobe overhaul every few months. Not only is it friendlier for the environment (and your wallet!), but it will also help you develop a stronger sense of personal style, above and beyond whatever the current trend a la mode is.

Look for versatility. Choose items that easily mix and match, that help you achieve a new look with a change of jewelry or accessories. Neutral coloured clothing; grey, black, navy, and beige and simple silhouettes work well together, never go out of style and play nice with any bright colours you decide to add. By developing your own “uniform” of elevated basics, you will know whatever you choose to wear on a given day will always match, and will always make you feel like you’re staying true to your personal style.

Take some time to look through your closet, and take stock of the pieces you tend to gravitate towards, the “themes” that you often dress in accordance to. Do you own cooler or warmer tones? Do you have a penchant for loose fitting tops, or bohemian style clothing? These may be the basis of your personal style. Don’t be dazzled by the latest trend you won’t wear next year. Dolly Parton said it well; "Find out who you are. And do it on purpose."